These peer-led sessions pack insight from industry experts on the most relevant topics for today’s competitive landscape.

Grow Your Business Track

Opening Doors to New Sales: Powerful Access Control Strategies that Generate Profits

Doors are access control’s window of opportunity, yet it’s occasionally overlooked as a strong, repeatable revenue generator, especially for RMR.

Successfully Launching New Products with Existing Customers and New Markets

Rolling out new products and services can be daunting, whether to existing customers or in new markets.

7 Powerful Ways to Market Your Business on a Limited Budget

With creativity and thinking outside the box, you can market your business on a limited budget.

7 Ideas to Beat Low-Cost Providers

Competing against low-cost providers has always been difficult, but today it seems to be more complicated because technology has decreased the gap between premium and cheap… at least during the selling process.

5 Hot Markets for Video Surveillance

Demand for video surveillance will not be subsiding anytime soon, especially as product and service pricing falls, and technology advances.

Advances in Fire Alarm Technology: What Does the Future Hold?

The Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices and cloud-based services are driving new opportunities, new products and higher RMR.

Top 3 Ways to Grow Your Video RMR

It’s raining RMR from the cloud. Cloud-based video services are low maintenance and cost-effective to deploy.

How to Drive Performance with Your Sales Team and Weed Out Underperformers

Top sales performers deliver higher results, yet underperformers typically take up most of their manager’s time.

A Smarter Home Opportunity: How to Make Money in Home Automation

Customer adoption of smart, connected devices that control different aspects of the home have gained wider acceptance in the marketplace.

Run Your Company Track

Not in My House: Upselling Before Customers Flip with Upgraded Tech

Whether you want to admit it or not, competitors are out there — and they’re hungry for your customers.

Installation Performance: On Time, On Budget, On Par for Quality

Three installation constraints — time, quality and cost – are all part of an opposing triangle which management must learn to balance.

Onboarding Customers: Creating Amazing Experiences that Drive Referrals

Your company only gets one first impression to create a satisfied, loyal customer. When you place the customer experience first, it rewards you with recurring revenues...

5 Proven Ways to Reduce Service Truck Rolls

Nothing shouts out “pricey” like the sight of a service truck on the road.

Maximize New Employees: Why Onboarding is Critical to Their Success

The sink-or-swim mentality is a misguided strategy, resulting in almost half of all hourly employees leaving new jobs within the first 120 days.

Sales vs. Operations: 6 Ways to Turn Conflict into Collaboration

Sales sells the dream while operations installs the resulting nightmare. Sales thinks operations doesn’t care, and operations thinks sales is living the easy life.

Data that Drives a Personalized Customer Experience: Online Reputations, Good and Bad

Although we collect lots of Big and Little Data about our customers every day, most companies don’t leverage that knowledge to effectively drive a personalized customer experience that wows.

The Future of Cellular – Promise, Perils, Promotion

Over the last 10 years, cellular technology played a critical role in providing enhanced security and control technologies and services for homes and businesses.

5 Faster, Smarter Ways to Improve Cash Flow

Building a business is hard enough. A healthy business has a good balance of revenue, profits and expenditures.

How to Manage the Word on the Street: Online Reputations, Good and Bad

Whether attracting new customers or recruiting new talent, your company’s online reputation needs tender loving care.

5 Tips for Effective Employee Performance Evaluations

Who is tortured more - the manager giving the review or the employee receiving it? Most employee evaluations have great intentions but are poorly executed.

Shhh… How Listening to Employees Can Have a MAJOR Impact on Customer Retention

Business owners have recognized that measuring customer satisfaction is a key component to business success.

Maximize Your Monitoring Center

Contract Monitoring Liability Primer: What to Do and Who’s Responsible When Things Go Wrong

Contract monitoring has become a popular trend to reduce cost and build RMR for monitoring companies. But what happens when your reputation is on the line?

When Time is Actually Money: How to Streamline New Technology Deployments in the Monitoring Center

Keeping up with technology is a challenge in every industry and critical when life safety is at stake.

Easy Ways to Improve Alarm Verification Practices to Reduce False Dispatches and Save $$

There are monitoring companies that are passionate about reducing false alarms and excel at it. This session will cover best practices in the most current procedures.

Hiring from Outside the Monitoring Industry: Surprising Resources for Great Operators

In this competitive workforce, attracting and keeping excellent operators is key to providing customer care.

Improving Monitoring Center Communications with 911 Centers Using Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP)

Are you curious about how to get involved in our industry’s effort to improve response time?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Real Time Video Monitoring Solutions to Take the Guess Work out of Alarm Verification

Artificial Intelligence in video is not just a sexier name for video analytics, it is a completely different methodology for classifying and identifying content in video.

The Manager’s Guide to Monitoring Center Benchmarking: Top Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Manage Change

How do you track and measure efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction? To manage any kind of change, you need the data to support your business plans.

Rethink the Future

CounterPoint: False Alarm Dispatches - A Real Threat or a Nuisance to the Industry?

Studies show that security systems are among the most effective burglary-deterrent measures, however, the cost of dispatching to alarms exceeds billions of dollars each year in police resources.

Essential Questions to Ask Before Selecting Next-Gen Products and Services

For their company to remain relevant, industry professionals must develop the ability to choose and offer the right products and services for their customers.

Industry Perspective: Update and Analysis

Is the industry expanding or contracting? Who are the biggest benefactors of the growth? What market segments are exhibiting the most promise?

CounterPoint: Changing Tide - The Rise and Fall of Multiples

Is there a changing tide that indicates residential accounts may be falling in value while commercial accounts are rising in value?

Beyond Physical Security: What You Need to Know in Consumer Privacy & Data Risk

All companies know they are responsible to follow privacy, data and security rules, but how does it apply to security companies?

Why Building an Innovative Culture is Good for Business

Successful leaders strive to drive an innovative learning culture to all levels within the organization. They understand the importance of making a positive atmosphere a priority.

CounterPoint: Is Good Enough the New Perfection for Protection?

As non-traditional players introduce innovative technologies and services, are they changing consumers’ buying behaviors as these product offerings become more mainstream?

CounterPoint: The Age of IoT – A Security Armageddon that Creates a Greater Risk than Burglars?

The IoT trend is transforming virtually every aspect of our lives. However, the race to connect devices in the home, workplace, and public creates additional risks to data privacy, data integrity and continuity of services.