Thursday, June 21 | 4:15-5:30PM

Whether you are a seasoned professional or looking to enter this lucrative market, understanding the latest access control technology will help your company deliver best-in-class services for your clients. Building a strategy around hosted or managed cloud-based, and on-premises solutions, are important considerations when entering this market segment, including RMR models that drive higher profits. In this session, you’ll hear from integrators who have rolled-out different types of solutions and their journey along the way. Get real world guidance and advice on: 

• The basics of hosted, managed, and on-premises access control
• Determining the right solutions to offer and the right markets to sell into
• Training your sales staff to sell access control with RMR every time
• Understanding how to price the service for profitability
• Building the internal infrastructure that supports access control solutions

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Gregg Katz photo
Gregg Katz
Business Development Manager
– I have been in the industry for over 20 years working both in the field as a technician and project manager to internally as an operations manager and sales executive. Currently, I am a Business Solutions Executive for RFI Enterprises working out of the Reno, NV office.

Chad Lingafelt photo
Chad Lingafelt
Managing Partner
Loc-Doc Security
In 2004, after switching careers from Radio Broadcasting, Chad took a chance on an opportunity in a new industry as a trainee technician with Loc-Doc, Inc. 

Over time he developed a cloud based work order and customer management system that cultivated a rapid growing environment at Loc-Doc. 

In 2012 after developing an operational structure, Chad entered into Partnership and has led and grown Loc-Doc to a team of 30 employees. 

Chad began documenting growing pains, small business insights, and personal experiences. He has revealed how they are building structure and developing a culture of teamwork through short videos distributed on YouTube and other social media platforms allowing other companies the ability to learn through Loc-Doc’s experiences.

Loc-Doc Security is now known for its innovative infrastructure and precise ability to implement new products and solutions.

The company now maintains a growing Locksmith and Door division and the rapidly growing Integration division. 

Chad loves technology, Apple products, a freshly pulled espresso shot, and his family…but not necessarily in that order.