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June 24, 2019
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June 28, 2019

Attendees Challenged and Inspired by Main Stage Presentations at ESX 2019

General Session speaker Kevin Brown challenges attendees from the Main Stage.

The ESX Main Stage hosted powerful presentations that moved the audience, prompted them to reconsider the future of the industry and challenged them to be better leaders.

The week launched with the OpenXchange session, featuring panelists Nate Williams, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Kleiner Perkins and Founder of Union Labs, and Alex Pachikov, Founder of Sunflower Labs. The two panelists discussed the opportunities presented by new technologies, key areas that are receiving funding from investors and the possibility for industry evolution and/or disruption by drones.

Keynote speaker Dr. Rick Rigsby, an author and speaker well-known for a viral video of his commencement speech that reached more than 200 million views, gave an inspiring presentation about his life experience. He shared that some of the most motivating wisdom and great examples he received were from his father, a third grade dropout. Rigsby’s passionate delivery engaged the audience, and their captivated gazes followed him as they contemplated how they might apply the same grit and determination in their own lives to make an impact every day.

Keynote speaker Dr. Rick Rigsby inspires the audience during the Keynote Luncheon.

On Wednesday, the General Session was full of excited attendees ready to hear what motivational speaker Kevin Brown, author of the Hero Effect, had to say. He challenged the audience to be extraordinary, defying the oft-repeated notion that heroes are just ordinary people. Brown shared a moving story of a Disney employee whose dedication to their job and to helping people made an impact on his family – revealing to him that everyone can be extraordinary if they quit believing that they aren’t.

The final session on Thursday bookended the week with a discussion on new ways to think about security. United States Secret Service agent Mindy Pretzman spoke about the planning and preparation she believes could take security to the next level. Her advice to those in attendance included eradicating blind spots in planning processes, finding ways to make security more proactive and working with local school districts to provide expertise on how they should secure schools.

Mindy Pretzman addresses the passionate security professionals at the Closing Keynote Luncheon.

Through all of these sessions, the ESX Main Stage lineup challenged and provoked passionate security professionals to make an impact as the heroes they are by taking security to the next level.