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April 2, 2019
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April 15, 2019

Moving Money: Sales and Finance to be Explored through ESX Education

Breakout sessions will explore how security industry businesses can optimize their cash flow

More than half of salespeople rely on their peers to get tips for improving, with 44% looking to their manager, according to a recent HubSpot Research survey; therefore, managers should be prepared to be a resource to their sales team, especially in a time where competition is stiff and every lead matters. To bolster business owners’ confidence in this area, ESX will host peer-led sessions this June to share best practices in sales and financial operations for electronic security professionals.

With large companies operating on increasingly thin margins, and marketing plans that take advantage of their scale, competing security companies will need to optimize their cash flow to keep up. Two major departments that contribute to this are sales and finance, and the electronic security industry has its quirks to understand.

For this reason, ESX’s proven industry experts will share insights on coaching sales teams, improving interdepartmental collaboration and optimizing cash flow through company-wide initiatives. These established peers, who have been carefully chosen by ESX and represent more than 100 years of experience in the industry, will present product-agnostic tactics for achieving better sales performance and financial excellence.

Sessions on this topic include:

  • 5 Faster, Smarter Ways to Improve Cash Flow
  • Sales vs. Operations: 6 Ways to Turn Conflict into Collaboration
  • 7 Ideas to Beat Low-Cost Providers
  • Successfully Launching New Products with Existing Customers and New Markets
  • Not in My House: Upselling Before Customers Flip with Upgraded Tech
  • How to Drive Performance with Your Sales Team and Weed Out Underperformers

Learn more about the education offered at ESX and see the full schedule at esxweb.com/events.