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January 25, 2019
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March 5, 2019

Standing Out by Listening to Customers

By ESX Chairman George De Marco


What makes your company stand out from your competition? Many security companies highlight that they have the best products, the best employees and the best customer service. Websites exclaim affordable systems, award-winning 24/7 monitoring, fast response and a generous warranty period.

Essentially, there is little difference among security companies for the services provided to consumers and businesses.

Here’s a question to think about: Is it good to be better or is it better to be different? In other words, what makes you different enough that allows your company to rise above a noisy and highly competitive marketplace, especially with new and powerful players entering the space? Saying you are the best doesn’t mean you are the best. Your brand is not defined by what you say it is, rather it’s defined by what your customers say it is.

Asking your customers what is important to them in choosing your company over the competition will uncover distinctions you can use to differentiate your company in the market segments you serve. Armed with this data, you can fortify a brand identity and brand promise that brings your company into focus as the security provider of choice. You can rise above the vast commoditized service offerings, shining a light on why you are uniquely qualified to deliver what they expect and deserve.

It is often helpful when evaluating your own company to seek further education and observe other companies to see what is or isn’t working. ESX is one example of a great place to do this – there are four peer-developed and peer-led educational tracks that are packed with great content and will help you and your team identify what makes you stand out and hone your uniquely qualified strengths. I am excited that Indianapolis is our host city for ESX this June. Register now and take advantage of all that ESX has to offer!

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