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Exhibitor Resources

Thanks for exhibiting at ESX. You made a great decision! ESX will support your marketing and sales goals. On this page you’ll find the information you need to make your exhibit successful. 

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Key Dates


  • Housing opens; reserve your hotel rooms early.  


December 31st

  • Last Day to Get Exhibit Space at the Early Bird Rate!


  • Exhibitor Registration opens.


  • Company descriptions and Product categories entered online
  • Exhibitor order forms and services will be available. Access to the ESX 2015 Online Exhibitor Service kit will be sent via email.

MARCH 2015

March 13, 2015

  • Last Day to Get Exhibitor Space at the Discounted Rate!

March 31, 2015

  • Company descriptions and Product categories Final Due Date

APRIL 2015

April 1st

  • ESX Innovation Award Submission Deadline
  • ESX Product Preview Descriptions & Photos Deadline

May 2015

May 8th

  • First day to receive freight at the advance warehouse
  • Hanging signs request submitted for approval to Tradeshow Logistics
  • Early Move-In requests submitted for approval to Tradeshow Logistics

May 15th

  • Exhibitor registration deadline

May 18th

  • Valid certificates of insurance from exhibitors
  • Valid certificate of insurance from Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (E.A.C.) due to Tradeshow Logistics

June 2015

June 1st

  • Discount deadline date for all advance orders on exhibitor services

June 17th

  • Last day to receive freight at the advance warehouse without surcharge


Our team is here to support your marketing and sales goals.  For general questions about your participation, please contact our Exhibitor Care Department: : 

Phone: 770.874.5830 
Toll Free: 877.857.2838 x2 
Fax: 678.501.5087 

For specific questions relating to your sponsorship benefits or advertising deliverables, please contact: 

DDeidre profile imageeidre Jefferson
Exhibit Manager

Suitcasing Policy Statement

ESX wants to ensure that your company has a successful show. Show Management has mandated increased measures to protect exhibitors from suitcasing at the Show. This is the Show Management’s Suitcasing Policy, which will be posted using signage around the exhibit hall and included in the onsite guide for all attendees. Suitcasing is the act of soliciting business in the aisles during an exhibition or in other public places, including another company's booth or a hotel lobby by a non-exhibiting or non-sponsoring company representative.

Please note that while all meeting attendees are invited to the exhibit hall, any attendee from a non-exhibiting or non-sponsoring company who is observed to be soliciting business in the aisles or other public spaces, in another company’s booth, or in violation of any portion of the Exhibition Policy, will be asked to leave immediately. Additional penalties may be applied. Please report any violations you may observe to Show Management. Such activities include:

  • Commercial activity conducted from a hotel guest room or hospitality suite; a restaurant, club, or any other public place of assembly.
  • Solicitations at venues other than the exhibition floor or at other events. Show Management must be informed of any hospitality suites, and expressed consent must be received prior to the event.

Show Management and Floor Managers will be in place from the start of the Show to the conclusion of the Show. This team will respond to all complaints regarding suitcasing. The team will be trained on what to look for and the appropriate factors to determine if there is an issue. Show Management and Floor Managers will have the following responsibilities:

  • Review complaints concerning suitcasing.
  • Review each complaint off the Show floor and take appropriate action, including removal from the Show floor.
  • Levy penalties for violations, up to and including, suspension from participation in future Shows.


  1. Prior to the Show: If you feel there is a reasonable risk of a problem involving suitcasing, notify Show Management prior to arrival.
  2. Onsite: If you suspect another company of suitcasing – report this to the Show Management office and someone from Show Management will come to your booth immediately.