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LeakStop PLUS

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


LeakStop PLUS Helps Prevent Water Damage and Alerts Homeowner


        WaterCop® LeakStop PLUS system by DynaQuip Controls detects water leaks at a single location within a home, sounds an audible alarm, automatically shuts off the water supply, PLUS will send a closure signal alerting homeowners of water shutoff.  


        Providing effective 24-hour flood protection for homes, LeakStop PLUS provides for third party electronic notification of water shutoff, such as a light, buzzer, auto dialer, or security/automation system to alert homeowners the shutoff has been activated. LeakStop PLUS offers homeowners peace of mind for their investment, provides leak detection and protection from extensive water damage whether the homeowner is present or not, and is an ideal solution for monitoring water heaters, which are particularly vulnerable to leaks as they age.


        Property damage caused by aging and faulty plumbing is one of the most common home insurance claims and LeakStop PLUS offer homeowners preventative protection. Additional benefits include: added property protection; potential insurance savings through discounts and credits; integration with existing home security and automation systems; and water conservation.


        LeakStop PLUS is easy to use. The system features a full flow ball valve and electronic control box with two attached moisture sensors which constantly monitor the selected area for accumulating moisture. Once moisture has been detected, the valve closes and remains closed until it has been manually reset. The LeakStop PLUS system is designed for plumbing supply line installation “upstream” of the appliance or desired monitoring area.  The valve can be controlled independently of water leaks by pushing the open/close soft touch buttons on front of the actuator.  Made in USA.


        Prospective dealers and industry professionals are encouraged to contact DynaQuip at 800-545-3636, or visit for more details.   


        WaterCop® is a registered trademark of DynaQuip Controls Corporation, located in St. Clair, Missouri.   For over 50 years DynaQuip Controls has been an innovator of industrial, commercial, and residential automated valves. WaterCop is the residential line of automated valves for DynaQuip Controls.



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