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Nashville Based Tech Company Earns Global Recognition For New Cloud-based, Campus Video Surveillance Technology

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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Nashville Based Tech Company Earns Global Recognition For New Cloud-based, Campus Video Surveillance Technology


NASHVILLE, TENN. — Smartvue Corporation, the leading cloud visual intelligence (VI) and cloud video surveillance provider, has been named among the top 20 most promising campus tech solution providers by CIOReview.

CIOReview serves as a neutral source of information for decision makers seeking to identify and rank the top performing firms in a variety of technology driven businesses. Through market research, nominations and consultations with industry leaders, CIOReview editors identified the 20 most promising campus technology providers, including Smartvue Corporation. Smartvue was selected because it provides functionality that its competition doesn’t offer. When reviewed, Smartvue’s proved to have the most robust, easiest to use, and scalable campus video surveillance solution of 2014.

"We have reviewed hundreds of campus technology solution providers and we believe Smartvue, by far, provides one of the best surveillance solutions on the market,” said Pradeep Shankar, Editor-in-Chief of CIOReview. “Smartvue’s surveillance solutions are easy to use, intuitive, and incredibly cost-effective.”


“We are honored that CIOReveiw identified Smartvue Corporation as one of the top technology solution providers for campuses,” said Martin Renkis, Founder and CEO of Smartvue Corporation. “For over a decade, we have been committed to expanding the capabilities of visual intelligence and video surveillance by leveraging the cloud at each step in the value chain. The cloud also creates a cost-effective way to share software-based services, and those cost-savings enable us to provide a much more powerful solution.”

The Smartvue cloud surveillance network operates tens of thousands of cameras around the world and supports dozens of school campuses from Kansas City, Missouri and Sudbury, Massachusetts to Nashville, Tennessee. Smartvue provides solutions that help protect small campuses with a few buildings all the way up to large city size campuses with hundreds of buildings and protected grounds.


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