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Crestron Integrated Partner

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Thursday, February 05, 2015

GreenField Direct LLC is proud to announce that they have entered in to an integrated partnership with Crestron, the leading supplier of control and automation systems.  Crestron only partners with the leading companies to provide the best user experience and most robust, flexible and reliable technology solutions to their customers. GreenField Direct is backed by decades of experience in the production of electrically actuated valves and is quickly becoming a leader in the residential and commercial leak protection industry. GreenField Direct focuses on exceeding customer expectations while demonstrating excellence in all product lines.


GreenField Direct is honored that Crestron recognizes GreenField Direct’s Automatic Security Valve as quality product, designed to operate seamlessly with Crestron control technologies. The Automatic Security Valve allows users peace of mind that comes with being protected against leaks and floods.  The Automatic Security Valve is made in the U.S.A. from the highest quality components.  The valve is approved for use with drinking water supply lines in all 50 states, the actuator is waterproof and ignition proof, and the entire assembly comes with a two year warranty.


The Automatic Security Valve works in conjunction with Crestron systems, turning a passive water detection system into an active water detection system.  When water sensors, strategically placed throughout a building, are triggered, the Crestron controller receives this message and in turn, sends a message to the Automatic Security Valve, shutting off the water supply.


GreenField Direct feels that this integrated partnership with Crestron will be mutually beneficial and will provide a more will rounded and robust product for the public. For additional information, please visit,, or call GreenField Direct at 1.800.246.5325

For more information contact Lisa Sinicki at 207-653-5407 or