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Avoid Vulnerability of Conventional Wireless

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Avoid Vulnerability of Conventional Wireless
Thursday, February 05, 2015


ELK’s two-way wireless product line for the M1 control transforms the way we think of wireless by providing advanced features that increase reliability and overcome the vulnerabilities associated with typical one-way wireless technology. With ELK’s wireless, every signal sent by a sensor expects to receive a positive acknowledgement from the transceiver/control. This intelligence means that a sensor will automatically re-transmit only if an acknowledgement was not received, thus saving wasted energy and prolonging battery life.

Conventional wireless devices transmit and receive a single “narrow band” frequency in the 300 MHz to 433 MHz range. The most concerning issue with single frequency devices is that they may be susceptible to interference, hacking, and jamming with a continuous frequency blast from an outsider, which could potentially fool the wireless devices of the security control.  ELK's Two-Way wireless products utilize advanced technology to defend against this kind of attack.

ELK’s two-way wireless is constantly changing the frequency channels on which the devices communicate, making it virtually impossible for an outsider to scan or lock on to the operating frequency being used at any one moment. ELK’s two-way wireless operates in the 900 MHz frequency band and employs spread spectrum technology, meaning that it automatically scans and hops across 25 frequency channels, providing enhanced security, reliability, and longer coverage. Also, ELK’s two-way wireless has obtained the Underwriter Laboratory (UL) listing requiring that it detect and report outside jamming attempts.

Recent worldwide events have shown it may not be possible to prevent an extremely determined thief or hacker, who with enough time can penetrate even the most secure networks or facilities. ELK Products is dedicated to making certain that our two-way wireless technology excels in superiority and security as compared to many other brands of wireless security products.

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