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ELK-6050 Sound All™ Wireless Smoke Detectors

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ELK-6050 Sound All™ Wireless Smoke Detectors
Thursday, February 05, 2015

HILDEBRAN, NC – When the fire alarm is activated and sounders are hardwired to the panel, audible notification is easy.  When you want to accomplish the same result with wireless technology, your only choice is ELK.  The ELK-6050 Sound All™ Smoke Detector uses ELK’s advanced Two-Way Wireless Technology to provide a wirelessly interconnected, bi-directional communication solution for residential installations.  In the event of a fire alarm, the built-in sounders of all enrolled smoke detectors are activated wirelessly and the alarm is reported to the central monitoring station.   ELK provides the benefit of a hardwired smoke and sounder with a wireless device.   The other benefit of Elk’s Two-Way Wireless Technology is the acknowledgment that the transmission was received, allowing the unit to stop transmitting once acknowledged to save power.  The ELK-6050 utilizes photoelectric smoke detection and includes rapid “rate-of-rise” and fix temperature heat detection.    The Sound All™ Smoke Detector is designed for use with ELK-M1XRFTW Two-Way Wireless Transceiver for M1 Controls.  ELK’s Two-Way wireless technology offers a secure and reliable wireless solution, with cutting-edge features to simplify installation and extend battery life.  More importantly, Elk’s Two-Way Wireless Technology defends against interference, hacking, and jamming that has been recently reported in conventional wireless products.

Benefits to Integrator
Regulations in many areas require smoke detectors and sounders to be installed on every level, in each bedroom and common egress.  The Sound All™ feature of the ELK-6050 smoke detector and M1 control system allows this to be accomplished wirelessly making it perfect for new or existing residential installations. It saves money and time for the installer and is more secure than conventional wireless technologies.  Recent news reports revealed many conventional wireless products may be susceptible to hacking and jamming attacks.  ELK’s Two-Way wireless technology allows integrators to avoid these vulnerabilities and offer a truly secure and reliable wireless solution.

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