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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Staying connected, in today’s society, has become more of a necessity than a choice. Whether it is through social media, online transactions, or building automation, the trend is the more connected we are the better. Home and building automation has become a big business lately. Partly because more people want to be connected when away, and partly because the products used are becoming more affordable and accessible to the masses. Keeping in line with the trend of accessibility and connectedness, PipeBurst Pro is on a mission to fill a void in the home automation market, water. With the addition of and FloMeter to the PipeBurst Pro product line up, consumers are now more connected with what is happening with their water systems at their home or business.

PipeBurst Pro’s FloMeter offers an added level of data and protection to an already superb leak detection and water protection system.  Utilizing the FloMeter, a homeowner is able to track cumulative quantities of water used for consumption, conservation and leak detection purposes. The PipeBurst Pro FloMeter allows a consumer to use a basic setting that tracks user set quantities of water through a pre-defined amount of time.  This is beneficial when looking at overall consumption of a space whether it is a home, apartment, condo, or office.  Using this information for conservation purposes is also highly important.  After data is collected, a consumer can understand more about the daily workings of a certain property by looking at peak and low consumption points. In assessing this data, the consumer can then use the information to change habits or routines as necessary. With more advanced settings a consumer has the option to set minimum and maximum thresholds in order to be better informed and protected against over use, unintended use, and even leaks. All of this information is collected and matriculated using

With a consumer has complete and comprehensive access to an internet connected PipeBurst Pro system from anywhere in the world. Provided, of course, that “anywhere in the world” also has an internet connection. From setting up system settings to changing user notifications, provides a graphical user interface for even the most intricate of system tasks. is unique among leak detection systems in the fact that it lets you both monitor and control the system remotely. This is great for vacation homes because it allows the homeowner to easily and quickly turn off the incoming water.  In the event of incoming colder temperatures, also allows a home owner access to open up a secondary TickerValve (PipeBurst Pro patented motorized valve) to relieve the pressure in the water lines, preventing the water from freezing and expanding to the point of rupturing a pipe.

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