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Thursday, February 05, 2015

A new era in automatic water protection has begun and has set the standard. Available with any PipeBurst Pro Senior System, allows a home or business owner to monitor and control their water system from anywhere in the world.

GreenField Direct, LLC. ecstatically announces the launch of its newest product, The web based product comprehensively interfaces all functions and features of any compatible PipeBurst Pro system. PipeBurst Pro, the standard for quality, durability, and dependability among water protection systems, provides peace of mind against the possibility of catastrophic flooding. This system, originally introduced as a point of leak detection has continually made strides to lead the industry in product development and development. PipeBurst Pro found a niche in an industry where detecting leaks consisted of sounding a local audible alarm when a sensor came into contact with water.  GreenField Direct saw this as an opportunity to go a step further and incorporate a valve that would automatically turn the water off, stopping the flow of water from the leak. Now, with the launch of, PipeBurst Pro once again raises the bar within the water protection industry.


From set up, to maintenance, to monitoring and system notifications, provides a platform that makes understanding and operating your PipeBurst pro system easy and intuitive. Compatible with any of the most commonly used web browsers, is at your fingertips whether on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. One of the most beneficial components of is the system direct notifications.


With notifications, users can choose what types of notifications they receive and how the notification is delivered. Each user can set the system to send a notification only when a leak or freeze is detected, or have send a notification anytime there is a VIP system change or status update. Additionally, each user can specify whether they would like to receive notifications via email, text message, or automated phone message. Each user account allows notification of two separate email addresses and phone numbers. If more than two people need access to a particular system, simply assign additional user accounts to that system.


Utilizing to interface with a PipeBurst Pro system is the next step in automatic water protection. With complete functionality and real time notifications, lets you keep your eye on leaks.


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GreenField Direct, LLC takes pride in manufacturing and distributing products with the utmost standards concerning quality, design and performance for all of their product lines, which include PipeBurst Pro, Automatic Security Valves, and KZValve line of waterproof electric valves.

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