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Execs from Bold Technologies Found New Company with Unique Home Automation Product

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Execs from Bold Technologies Found New Company with Unique Home Automation Product
Monday, October 27, 2014

Bold’s Executive Leadership team has formed White Rabbit Electronics and is partnering with Bold Technologies to offer an innovative home automation product to Bold users.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Bold Technologies, a leading provider of central station and PSIM software, is moving into new territory with its recent partnership with White Rabbit Electronics. White Rabbit Electronics was founded by Bold Technologies CEO, Rod Coles, and Bold Technologies President, Chuck Speck. White Rabbit Electronics has a patented technology that simplifies home automation and makes the “Connected Home” a service that the central station can deliver. The White Rabbit design will deliver data directly into the Manitou automation system, populating the account and allowing for service connection without the need for direct sales or data entry. The technology embraces the DIY thrust, while still incorporating the value of the central station. 

White Rabbit takes a fresh look at two long-standing issues that have consistently plagued the alarm industry: attrition and lack of growth in the residential market. Research suggests the electronic security industry experiences an 11.53% annual gross attrition rate; due in large part to subscribers simply not using their alarm system. When the system is not used, homeowners fail to recognize its value. Cancellation of services, due to non-use of the system, results in a loss of approximately $42 million each year for the alarm industry. Rod Coles, CEO of Bold Technologies and White Rabbit Electronics, states, “The patented technology of White Rabbit addresses the root of customer losses and puts the central station in a position to add value by providing a simple bundled service.” Coles continues, “The ability to deliver a technology that enhances a customer’s “stickiness” and directly attacks that previously inevitable attrition rate is a huge advantage for Bold customers.”

White Rabbit also tackles the alarm industry’s slow penetration of the residential market - currently in the low 20th percentile. The technology promotes the “Connected Home” by uniting the internet of things, and places the central station in a position to add value. Chuck Speck, President of Bold Technologies comments, “We are excited to expand into the residential and home automation markets and provide homeowners with the latest technologies and user-friendly solutions.” Speck continues, “White Rabbit’s patented technology addresses false alarms, system usage, and customer retention in a single offering. Bold Technologies and White Rabbit Electronics work together to deliver a home automation solution that customers can trust.” In closing, Coles states, “On the heels of our recent acquisition and expansion, Bold continues to look for ways to better serve its customer base, grow its offerings and further develop our position in the industry. The formation and partnership with White Rabbit Electronics is the next step as Bold’s executive leadership looks to bring a greater portfolio of revenue generating technologies and leading competitive abilities to our customer partners.”

Look for more in the coming months as White Rabbit prepares for a product launch at ISC West in 2015. 

About Bold Technologies
Bold Technologies is a leading provider of central station and PSIM software. Since 1981, we have shaped the development of contemporary alarm monitoring by introducing faster and more sophisticated software innovations. Our flagship product, Manitou, is fully expandable and deployed in small to enterprise-sized control centers worldwide. With several Manitou product lines to choose from, this award-winning solution will automate, manage and maintain “One Point of Control” while increasing efficiencies, profitability and security. Bold also provides the Phoenix alarm automation software; a value-based solution highly utilized in financial institutions, retail organizations, school districts and universities. Bold Technologies is a privately held company with US offices in Colorado and Texas, and a European office in Valencia, Spain. For more information on Bold Technologies, visit or call 1-800-255-BOLD.


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