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June 23-26, 2014


Tips for Teams at ESX 2012

John Galante
I  June 20, 2012

Are you bringing your team to ESX next week in Nashville? 

If so, you've got an amazing opportunity to get everyone educated on their area of expertise and connected with the top players in the industry.

ESX is designed for teams with content and exhibits of high value for ownership and executive management, sales and marketing professionals, installation and service personnel, and central station operators and managers.

Bringing a team has a number of benefits for your company. Each individual team member absorbs more information and advice because they have a sense of accountability and adventure with team attendance. Periodic meetings of attending team members spurs rapid brainstorming on how to practically apply learnings from ESX to the company’s operations. And the camaraderie and esprit de corps generated by a team approach refreshes the group and strengthens staff bonds.

So how can you get the most out of bringing your team to ESX? Here are six simple tips for your team:

  • Set a game plan in advance. Have a planning meeting before heading to Nashville to map out seminars and other event attendance and identify key exhibitors to meet with. 
  • Consider where you want to divide and conquer to get broader coverage and where you want all team members involved to hear the same information and provide a variety of perspectives on it.
  • Plan advance outreach to exhibitors you want to visit and make an appointment to review the specific product, program or issue you want to address. Don’t assume the right exhibitor staff will be available for the amount of time you want—make sure they are with appointments.
  • Schedule brief touch points for the team each day, where you can recap the previous day’s findings, discuss their application in the company and determine the additional information and contacts need to make the information and ideas actionable.
  • Schedule a day to present findings and action items to others in the company upon your return with each team member accountable to present. Nothing spurs active learning and application like the responsibility to make the information meaningful and actionable to company peers unable to make the event. 
  • Contact ESX staff with any questions you have on session access with your registrations, specific products and services you seek, hotel, travel or fun stuff to do in Nashville—we’re here to serve you! 

Your entire team can benefit from ESX, from the Conference and Education program to the networking opportunities to contacts on the show floor.

If your team is registered, use these tips to get the most for your company! If your team isn't yet registered, it's not too late! Register them now and ensure they're invested in the success and growth of your company. Call us at 877-628-9558 to secure your 15% team discount today!




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