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June 23-26, 2014


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Why ESX?

“It’s an excellent networking and learning event. If you are in the industry and serious about your company, you have to be here.

Steve Paley
President and CEO
Rapid Security Solutions

"Without fail, each year we’ve generated new business and moved ‘working accounts’ forward toward new partnerships. The quality of interactions at ESX makes this the one show to be at each year."

Chuck Speck
Vice President
Bold Technologies

The Technologies Impacting Your Business in 2012

Jason Unger
I  May 30, 2012

As the industry goes through some of its biggest changes ever, security integration and monitoring companies are being tasked with a huge responsibility: keeping current and ahead of the technology consumers are asking to have.

For so long, simple fire and burglar installations with a monitoring package drove the industry forward, but with the integration of home automation, hosted and managed services, and mobile control, traditional security has evolved into a fuller technology offering.

The technology trends we're seeing today require more than a passing glance or outsourcing to a contractor; they're affecting every aspect of your business, from service and installation to monitoring to sales. 

In the ESX Conference and Education program, the Technology and Applications track, sponsored by Diebold Advanced Dealer Program, tackles the most compelling, opportunity-rich and challenging tech topics in the electronic security industry. Every year, we tune the content of this track to the most important trends, with an eye to providing integration and monitoring companies with the information and insights they need to make better decisions on whether, when and how to get into new technologies, products and applications.

Let's run through the opportunities being offered at ESX 2012, June 25-29, in Nashville.

Building Reliable Z-Wave and Zigbee Networks - Tuesday, June 26 at 1:45 PM
As security integrators expand their offerings to include integrated control of climate, lighting and doors, wireless technology platforms that enable integration and interoperation are becoming critically important. In this session, featuring Eric Smith of Control4 and Mark Walters of the Z-Wave Alliance, we look at two of the most frequently deployed wireless platforms -- Z-wave and Zigbee. You'll learn the technical strengths and limitations of both, how and where they are currently deployed, the direction of their likely expansion and their common problems and troubleshooting techniques.

Target Markets for HD Surveillance - Tuesday, June 26 at 3:15 PM
Commercial end-users want the highest resolution video in their surveillance systems just like consumers want it in their home theaters. This session, presented by Jesse Chipman of ADT Commercial Security, identifies the low-hanging fruit for HD surveillance -- the markets where high resolution is essential based on the type of assets secured, application or preference of customers. From there, we'll cover cost effective means of implementing HD from image capture to transmission and storage. HD is everywhere in the world in consumer electronics. It's time that it ruled the video surveillance market and that you can cash in on it.

Alternative Alarm Signal Transmission: An Update on the Changeover, Options and Challenges - Tuesday, June 26 at 4:45 PM
The gradual disappearance of POTS continues to be an important technical and business driver in the security industry, and this session, presented by Lou Fiore of AICC, will get you totally up to speed on this critical issue. Where are we in the changeover? How many POTS lines have disappeared and at what rate? What is the typical replacement service for voice? How are the alternative transmission technologies and services evolving? What's popular in their deployment? What's fading? What is the projected length of life for the various technologies and services? What kind of technical challenges are dealers experiencing in changing customers over? Are all the bolt-on solutions really solid fixes? When should you switch out entire systems? How do integrators and central stations successfully navigate the transition, and not only retain subscribers, but upgrade them to new technologies and services that mean more installation and service dollars and more RMR.

Mobile Apps for Security & More: State of the Market - Wednesday, June 27 at 9:30 AM
Smartphone and tablet-based apps for control and monitoring security and other home and building systems are changing the shape and market potential for the industry in dramatic ways. In this session, featuring David Marra of 25K Digital, ESX Chair George De Marco and Jay Hauhn of ADT Security Services, will look at the successes, functionality and future plans of the most broadly deployed apps and look at new arrivals starting to make a dent in the industry.

Using Hosted Services to Sell IP Video - Wednesday, June 27 at 9:30 AM
Hosted video services have emerged as an opportunity to help organizations protect their investments and generate long-term RMR. This session, presented by John Smith of Honeywell Systems, will detail how dealers can use this offering to transition new and existing customers into the world of IP video and examine how these services can enable the best affordability, ease of use and advanced enterprise features previously unattainable or unaffordable for end users. It will also walk attendees through key selling points -- including "future-proof" design, convenient access to video from Internet-connected devices, automatic email notifications, and immediate system notifications regarding communications issues.

IT Network/IP Fundamentals for Security - Wednesday, June 27 at 10:45 AM
What do you really need to know about Internet Protocol (IP) and IT networks to effectively install and maintain today's IT/IP-centric security systems? This session, with presenters Cathy McBride and Don Childers of Alarm South and Brett Springall of Security Central, covers the need-to-know information from the premises to the central station. You'll not only learn the keys to getting equipment to communicate but also how to ensure signal security and integrity every step of the way, including across shared networks.

Transforming Energy Integration from Cost to Cash - Wednesday, June 27 at 10:45 AM
Some estimates suggest that building owners spend approximately one-third of their controllable operations budget on energy. That would make a building's energy spend the single largest controllable operating cost. Security and energy management systems integration presents a unique opportunity to increase an organization's bottom line by delivering key savings. While many installers see this integration as an unnecessarily complex and mounting challenge, this session, featuring Carlos Lopez Reyna of Honeywell Security Group, will detail how recent advances in software development kits can provide integrators the tools they need to add this type of interoperability to their offerings.

Key Commercial Applications for Video Analytics & Remote Monitoring - Thursday, June 28 at 2:15 PM
This session, presented by Jerry Cordasco of G4S Technology, will show you how to deploy video analytics and remote monitoring to produce cost benefits and improve the efficiency of guards. You will also learn how to apply video monitoring and analytics for applications such as securing remote sites, lone worker protection and commercial alarm verification. Don't miss this examination of key applications from the leader of one of the most progressive central station operators in the country.

The Dirty Secrets of Wireless IP Camera Implementation - Thursday, June 28 at 3:45 PM
If you're like most integrators offering surveillance products, wireless IP cameras  are becoming an increasingly more important solution. This session, featuring presenter Allyn Pon of MicroPower Technologies, Inc. will cover common misconceptions about wireless IP cameras, including wireless connectivity, video quality, transmission reliability, encryption/data security, and ease of installation. We will explain when implementing a wireless IP camera is preferred to traditional "wired" solutions, and look at recent innovations in wireless IP surveillance and changes and improvements on the horizon.

Opportunities in Energy Technology Integration - Thursday, June 28 at 5:00 PM
Security integrators have ventured into HVAC control with security and remote control systems, but leveraging energy efficiency through lighting and shade control are more virgin frontiers. In this session, presented by Rich Matthews of Lutron Electronics, we look at more complete and integrated approaches to energy technology for the security integrator. Not only will you learn about system packages you can sell and install for both residential and commercial customers, you'll learn how to cost-justify sales based on payback.




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