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June 23-26, 2014


How to Find What Makes Your Company Unique and Sell it to Customers

ESX Staff
I  October 30, 2013

How to find what makes your company unique

The security industry is increasingly getting more competitive, with local, regional, super-regional and national companies all bidding for the same client base and looking to close on the sale.

That doesn’t even consider the cable and telecom companies in the market, who are making waves and carrying big advertising budgets.

So if you’re a more local or regional company, how do you stand out?

How do you compete against the businesses that have deeper pockets and bigger sales staff?

More importantly, does your entire organization have a clear understanding of what makes your company different and why a customer should buy from you?

Figuring that out is the first step, says Larry Folsom of American Video and Security, who along with Lou Sepulveda of ASG Security presented a session during ESX 2013 entitled “Secrets to Selling Your Company’s Unique Value.”

“We had to write down why we think we’re different,” says Folsom. For American Video and Security, it included how long they’ve been in business, what markets they target, their involvement in the community, and more.

“Make your list and then focus back on those core things that you think are important,” he says. You need to spell out exactly what the customer will get from you, and then adjust your sales message appropriately.

“Review your list and make sure that you think your message is on point with what your value is,” says Folsom.

At his company, Folsom says the sales staff uses a planned presentation when working with potential customers that tells a story and is built off of the company’s unique value.

“A planned presentation absolutely keeps the prospect on track,” he says. "As well as making sure the salespeople are on message. You’re taking the customer on a journey with the presentation, setting your company apart and allowing your sales team to tell the story of your unique value."

The planned presentation should include a questionnaire or site survey, says Folsom, so you can find out exactly what the client needs and provide the right solution.

“A specific problem can be solved with a specific solution,” he says, adding that you can’t allow your sales folks to “show up and throw up” a solution.

“If you don’t elicit from the client what those needs are, how are you supposed to solve them?” he asks. It allows you to uncover the “dominant buying motive” that will get the customer to sign with you.

“Figure out what the problem is, because there is one,” adds Folsom.

For more on uncovering your company’s unique value and using it to close more sales with customers, watch the entire presentation from ESX 2013. It’s available in ESXperience, the premium, members-only content area for security integration and monitoring companies. It’s free to access.

Watch the presentation here.




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