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June 23-26, 2014


ESX Themes Target Industry's Hottest Trends

AE Ventures
I  December 04, 2013

RMREvery year in August, the team of advisors and staff of ESX, gather for a planning meeting at which they identify key trends to address in event education program and special events. For ESX 2014, the themes we’ll be focusing on include:

1. The RMR of Everything.
Thanks to managed, hosted and cloud-based architectures every security technology and even non-security technologies like home automation, lighting and thermostat control and AV have arrived as recurring-revenue generating categories. ESX addresses these trends with an entire track of seminars on RMR and its Maximum Impact Awards prompt manufacturers to uncover the ways their products create bottom-line and company value impact for integrators—that’s all about RMR and it’s alive on the ESX show floor.

2. Saving Lives and Protecting Property.
New technologies like video verification, ASAP, smarter sensors and more are strengthening the ability of integrators to deliver on their core mission of security and life safety. As interactive services, automation and the like broaden the opportunity for security integrators, we must remain mindful and vigilant of our core mission and actively seek technologies that enhance security and life safety. ESX seminars and exhibitors address this element powerfully.

3. Navigating the Network, Grabbing the Cloud.
Network and cloud-based technologies are now ubiquitous in security, and integration and monitoring companies need to add to their technical and conceptual skill sets in these areas. Again plenty of sessions and dozens of exhibitors offer ways to get better and go deeper.

4. Team Transformation.
Changes in technology and the nature of the business are driving the need to transform security integration and monitoring companies. The central station of today and tomorrow isn’t just monitoring alarm signals—video monitoring, managed access and interactive services all need to be tended to changing what operators do on a day to day, minute-by-minute basis. Technicians need not only new technical skills, but people skills to do a better job training users on systems they now truly use every day. Sales people are selling new benefits and lifestyle features in a competitive market. It’s a new day. ESX sessions help owners and general managers understand these essential changes and understand how to lead change. ESX sessions also help functional managers in sales, marketing, central station operations and installation and service management make positive changes in their processes and practices.

5. New Players - New Partners.
From IT VARs to custom integrators, everyone’s getting into each other’s space. ESX helps integrators thrive in the changing competitive landscape and find the opportunities for collaboration that change threats into opportunities.

6. Identifying and Targeting Verticals.
Specializing in markets and developing more complete solutions is increasingly the key to finding and satisfying customers and building high account/company valuation. ESX is dedicating a SuperSession to this topic to help integrators develop more comprehensive and lucrative plays for some of the most popular verticals.

Be on the lookout for more on these themes in the ESX newsletter and conference catalog!




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