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June 23-26, 2014


Tips for Leveraging Social Media throughout the Holidays

AE Ventures
I  December 04, 2013

Twitter christmasLet’s face it. It can be tough to keep up with a regular, intriguing and lively social media campaign.

It’s especially important to keep the attention of your target audience during the holidays.

According to Mashable nearly 65% of shoppers will use social media to find the perfect gift this year. And their perfect gift may just be a security system… nudge, nudge.

There are plenty of tactics, like creating holiday specials, updating your profile photo or background with holiday-inspired graphics and conducting a holiday-themed contest.

Erica WoodFor a rundown on the do’s and don’ts for this year’s holiday posts, we’ve enlisted security social media expert Erica Wood for advice.

Erica has spoken at several industry events, including ESX. Through her efforts with The Security Girl brand she has made American Fire & Security #16 on the SD&I Fast 50 list. In 2012, she was selected as a WSC Woman of the Year, is a member of the SSN 20 under 40 class of 2012 and currently serves as the Chair of the ESA Sales & Marketing Professionals

ESX: How can security integration and monitoring companies really leverage social media throughout the holiday season?
Be responsive and engage, engage, engage!  Be sure to use google alerts and set up searches on your social media manager so that you don't miss an opportunity to help/sell to a homeowner or business having security issues in your area. The more interactive and helpful you are, the better chance you have of standing out.

ESX: Do you have any tips for staying religious on regularly posting, with holiday parties, time off and hectic holiday schedules?
I know it can be difficult to stay on task during the fun holiday season. Use your social media manager to schedule your posts. Just don't forget to check in once or twice a day so that you can stay engaged with your audience.

ESX: What platforms work best for communicating security information to end users? Is there a better day or time to post during the holidays?
If your end user is a homeowner your best platforms are going to be Facebook and Twitter. If your end user is a business your best platforms are going to be LinkedIn and Twitter. I have found that the best times to post content is early in the morning, lunchtime 11-1, dinnertime 6-8, and bedtime 10-midnight.

Also, don't forget to use your email newsletters and blogs for your commercial and residential clients. This is a great way to let your current and future clients know what is going on during this busy holiday season.

ESX: What type of content should integrators be posting? Any words of advice for language style?
Integrators need to make their posts as fun and interesting as possible. They need to be sure to mix up their content. Typically, we post tips, community events, events that we have attended, as well as reminders of our services. By switching things up, the reader will be more compelled to check out your posts.   

ESX: What is your opinion on contests to gain followers/friends? Do they work and are they garnering the right audience?
Contest are great if you are just wanting followers/friends. However, if you are looking to gain a community that really wants to read what you are posting and will check back to your feed, you will probably not capture the audience you want. Remember, quality is better than quantity!




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