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June 23-26, 2014


Strategic Partnerships, Selling Tech Refreshes, Creation Costs and MORE

ESX Staff
I  February 05, 2014

businessLeading and managing an electronic security company is becoming a larger and more complex challenge each and every year.

Technology, market and business practice developments have owners and general managers evaluating and planning changes in organizational structure and staffing, financial models, product and service mix and technology used to analyze and run the business.

This year’s ESX Business Development and Management Seminar Track tackles these challenges and more is seven sessions Tue., June 24 through Thu., June 26. 

Tuesday Sessions
The track kicks off with a look at human capital development and organizational design with “The Human Factor: Shaping Your Organization for Success,” presented by RFI Enterprises CEO, Dee Ann Harn, and RFI Director of Human Resources, Laura LaComble. The session answers questions like: How do you assess the current “shape” of your staff? What steps are necessary to implement these new job descriptions? What traits help make a successful employee? What kind of staff training should be used to motivate and retain employees? When is it time to hire for additional roles?

Next up is “Buying, Building or Partnering Strategically," featuring speakers Pam Petrow, President and CEO, Vector Security and Patrick Egan, CEO, Select Security. We’ll look at the strengths and weaknesses of different options for getting into beyond-security categories like IT, networking, control, energy management, home health tech and AV. Does your company build the capacity to deliver the product/service within the company, buy a company already delivering the product/service or, strike an alliance with such a company? A related topic later in the program is “Mastering the Right Product and Service Offerings” which will unveil new ESA guidelines and lean planning tools for security integrators looking to methodically manage the evolution of their product/service mix. 

The last session on Tuesday is, “Planned Obsolescence: A Smarter Model.” The seminar will provide advice on how to profit from providing more frequent technology refreshes that update features and increase value for end-users.

Wednesday Sessions
Wednesday morning has a strong financial and valuation focus starting with ”Analyze This: Understanding Creation Costs,” presented by Sedona Office Co-Founder, Michael Marks, Will Schmidt, Managing Director of Security Lending Group, Capital Source and electronic security company owner/operators. “Traditional vs. Non-traditional RMR Services: Sorting Out Account Valuations” follows with an all-star cast of presenters including Barry Epstein, President of Vertex Capital, Marc Gilbert, M&A Consultant for Elko & Associates Ltd. and Tom Szell, SVP Sales of ADS Security.

Thursday Sessions
The final session of the track on Thursday afternoon is “Technologies that Enhance the Business Process” which will provide a tour of technology tools, software and apps that can help electronic security companies of all sizes run their businesses more effectively and efficiently than ever before. 

Variety, relevance and expertise from peer companies and the industry’s finest consulting minds are the watchwords of this year’s program. 

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