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June 23-26, 2014


HD Surveillance Resolution: Enough is Never Enough

Kelly Mello
I  February 19, 2014


HD SurveillanceSurveillance systems have come a long way since the concept was first imagined in George Orwell’s “1984.”

According to supercircuits.com, the first reported use of temporary cameras was in Trafalgar Square, London, England, to monitor royalty in 1960. Now, surveillance feeds of just about anything can be viewed from your phone or other web-enabled devices. 

And HD surveillance, well that’s a whole new ballgame — providing exceptional clarity, resolution and detail to ensure all available evidence is captured in daytime and nighttime settings. 

“IP cameras that conform to the HDTV standard have a wide range of uses, especially when you consider that HDTV 720p and 1080p cameras offer three and six times the resolution, respectively, of the typical analog camera,” says Steve Surfaro, industry liaison, Axis Communications.

The minimum resolution for HD surveillance is 720p (1280x720). Other HD resolution options include 1080p (1920x1080p) and the new 4K UHD "ultra high definition" format, which provides 4 times the resolution of 1080p (3840x2160).

HD can be a real differentiator for integrators serving various vertical markets that require fine details. Where are these details useful? Think faces, license plates, playing cards and concealed weapons.

“Casinos are a great target for HD for the simple fact that they are required to have 30 frames per second by both Nevada gaming commission and the Tribal gaming councils,” says Ben McGregor, senior partner sales manager at Panasonic. “Casinos want higher resolution but not at the cost of FPS, which is the tradeoff you get with most camera manufactures producing cameras higher than 3MP a second.”

Retail is also a very appropriate market. Provided there is enough lighting, McGregor says point of sales and terminals are good locations. 

HD SurveillanceSchool security is a timely topic and another great outlet for HD surveillance. Megapixel cameras would be a great asset in keeping track of who is entering the school and what they are carrying, says Kostas Mellos, product marketing manager of Interlogix & Lenel.

Many prisons are transitioning to HD surveillance offering a clear view of prisoner activity and details that can also be used to defend claims of excessive force, reducing liability costs. 

HD is taking hold in non-security applications, too. Think of medical applications allowing for remote diagnosis and sports applications allowing for more accurate player coaching.

So, how much is too much resolution? It doesn’t look like there’s ever enough. Bottom line is higher resolutions result in better business decisions and faster, more accurate apprehensions. Cameras with higher resolutions not only provide more detail they can also cover larger areas.

With more detail, HD-based surveillance systems can deliver improved detection, recognition and identification capabilities — cutting investigation times from days to seconds (literally).

While we’ve covered many vertical categories, you can be sure as HD continues to spread, consumers will begin to demand more.

Get more information about HD surveillance from ESX exhibitors, June 25-26.

Axis Communications (booth 117)
Axis will be offering a number of ways for learning about many new opportunities like HD surveillance, presenting solution categories in multiple markets, giving the systems integrator and central station provider the most accurate visualization, economic fit and ease of installation.

“Axis certified specialists trained in both HD Surveillance and Access Control Systems will have the widest range of 'smart' cameras, self-contained solutions, hosted services and management software offered by Axis and its partners at the show,” says Surfaro.

Bosch  (booth 144) will be demonstrating its entire HD solution portfolio, including the new 4K UHD ultra high definition DINION IP ultra 8000 cameras. 

“We'll show complete Bosch solutions that fully leverage our unique features and will also explain how our HD cameras integrate with third-party software platforms,” said Ryan Frank, vice president of sales at Bosch Security Systems. “Bosch HD experts will be on hand to help answer integrators' system design questions.”

Talk to Honeywell (booth 401) about its recently announced update to the iOS App for Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 that lets dealers and end-users configure systems directly on the iPad and offers simplified video set-up with built-in help guides for configuring cameras and defining video detection areas. Users can quickly and easily create customized scenes to automate their home environment. 

“We’re incredibly excited about our latest update to the Honeywell Total Connect app. It brings all of the capability of the web, and puts it into the mobile devices that are now users’ primary interface to their connected homes,” says Alan Stoddard, senior marketing director of Honeywell Security Products Americas. 

The app improves live video viewing by supporting landscape rotation and Wi-Fi signal strength indicators for Honeywell Total Connect cameras.

Panasonic (booth 100)  will be teaching imaging basics to all customers to help them better understand what you do and don't get with HD and Megapixel. 

“We do this through both classroom styles trainings and live demos in our booths,” says McGregor.

Interlogix (booth 501) will introduce new innovative products.

“Our goal is to create and deploy products that solve today’s problems while we maintain long-term software platform capabilities and expansions,” Mellos said. “Therefore, providing the integrators, dealers and their customers a sustainable environment that utilizes the best technology of today.”

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Kelly Mello is a writer for AE Ventures, managers of the Electronic Security Expo.





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