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June 23-26, 2014


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Why ESX?

“It’s an excellent networking and learning event. If you are in the industry and serious about your company, you have to be here.

Steve Paley
President and CEO
Rapid Security Solutions

"Without fail, each year we’ve generated new business and moved ‘working accounts’ forward toward new partnerships. The quality of interactions at ESX makes this the one show to be at each year."

Chuck Speck
Vice President
Bold Technologies

14 Managed Services from ESX Exhibitors

ESX Staff
I  May 07, 2014


managed servicesThreats of competition to the security industry are inevitable, but they don’t have to affect your business. If you're looking to expand your offerings, but don't have the inhouse bandwidth, managed services are the way to go.

Managed services allow companies to proactively manage a technology asset or object, by a third party, on behalf of a customer.

Many have a Network Operation Center, 24/7 service desk, the ability to remotely manage objects for customers, have a predictable billing model and more. 

Here is a list of 14 managed services from ESX exhibitors being provided to security integration and monitoring companies.


honeywellWIN-PAK CS 4.2 by Honeywell
Honeywell’s WIN-PAK CS 4.2 managed access control system lets security dealers and integrators provide a wider range of value-added services to all types of organizations while reducing the total cost of ownership versus a traditional system. WIN-PAK CS 4.2 reduces capital expenses, provides operational cost savings and streamlines security system management by moving the operating software and server hardware from the customer’s site to the dealer’s hosting location.

Security integrators can create new sources of recurring monthly revenue (RMR) by delivering more value-added services to their customers, including: photo-ID badging, video verification of alarms and events and enhanced report functionality from the new web interface. Dealers can ease cost on customers by taking over ID-badge printing and removing the need for customers to invest in expensive in-house badge printing equipment. WIN-PAK CS 4.2’s video verification allows dealers to receive events from the access, video or intrusion system, enabling more reliable and quicker response times to potential threats. Its web-based interface allows users to oversee day-to-day system functions such as controlling doors, managing users, creating customized report templates and schedules to run reports automatically.


Hosted Video Recorder by Acadian Monitoring Services (Pictured above)
Acadian Monitoring Services' Hosted Video Recorder (HVR) solution offers all of the advantages of IP-based video surveillance while eliminating the prohibitive costs and complexity. The solution allows a customer to operate and manage their video surveillance system via a web browser, from any internet-connected device. The HVR solution, connected with a mobile broadband card and a router, can be positioned anywhere with cellular service. Users create a private account, choosing from among many service levels and video retention options. They then enjoy secure access to video footage, both in real time and for on demand review. Cameras in multiple locations are accessed and managed from one account, from which all recorded video events can be reviewed and downloaded. Multiple simultaneous users with individually assignable permissions are configurable. Acadian Monitoring Services' Hosted Access Control Service solution offers monitoring and control of doors over the web from any PC with no software to install. It can control doors in locations that do not justify their own installation, eliminate the hidden costs of maintaining and replacing servers and supporting infrastructure and remove the burden from your IT staff to learn and maintain another complex system.



ReportStar by OpenEye
ReportStar is OpenEye’s cloud-based software platform that provides service providers enhanced recurring monthly revenue (RMR) opportunities, as well as a proactive approach to ensure the integrity of their video surveillance installations. ReportStar is designed to be in constant communication with OpenEye’s analog, hybrid and IP systems. If a camera fails, no problem.

ReportStar sends you, your customer, your team or all a critical alert via e-mail or text. If the recorder hard drive gets hot or fails, an alert goes out. If the recorded video drops below the 30 days committed to the customer, an alert goes out. Customized to fit your needs, the system allows you to set individual thresholds for different applications to avoid sending nuisance alerts. ReportStar allows service providers the ability to create custom reports, such as day/night images, average recording duration and opening and closing reports based on recorder sensor events. These reports can be sent daily, weekly or monthly. ReportStar has been optimized for today’s smart phone technology. Access is also available via a private labeled portal which can be inserted into your website. Many companies, large and small, use ReportStar to generate additional RMR and proactively monitor their video surveillance installations. 



AES-IntelliStart by AES Corporation
AES-IntelliStart helps full-service central stations and alarm installation companies quickly grow profitable fire and burglary monitoring businesses.With AES-IntelliStart’s bundled services and product offerings, you can get up and running on AES-IntelliNet in one week or less, and easily optimize and scale your network.

By leveraging AES experts and best practices, you take the guesswork out of building the AES network and realize:

  • Successful network deployment, maintenance and expansion
  • Accelerated deployment and expansion, for faster ROI and higher net RMR
  • Improved staff and resource efficiencies

Choose the AES-IntelliStart package that best suits your business:
The Central Station Starter Network Package is designed for full-service central station installing alarm companies that want to expand their business. The IP Link Starter Package is for alarm installing companies that use a contract central station for monitoring services and want to expand their existing business. The Disaster Recovery Package is designed for full-service central station installing alarm companies that want to expand existing capacity or implement a disaster recovery solution. AES Corporation empowers companies to grow profitable alarm monitoring businesses, and government agencies to enhance security anywhere in the world.


leftHattrix by Kantech
Your customers rarely want the same thing. One has a full security team who works with you to get the system up and running, and then takes over control. Another needs you to provide the installation and ongoing security requirements. And many others are somewhere in the middle. And you? You are in the unique position to bring security to a whole new level. Hattrix from Kantech makes it easy to outsource security to a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Hattrix allows security administrators to overcome significant pain points within their organizations such as infrastructure expense, limited access control knowledge, maintenance inefficiencies and manpower expense. With Hattrix, MSPs can offer a full spectrum of security services to provide the solution that’s just right for a specific application. The level of innovation offered by Hattrix will translate into significant advantages in flexibility and scalability, while reducing the infrastructure and training costs compared with traditional security systems. New technologies are opening the door for security administrators to leverage the benefits of managed security services. With the ability to maintain control, minimize capital investments, increase performance and reduce total cost of ownership, Hattrix can give businesses a significant competitive edge.


keyscanCentrally Managed Access Control by Keyscan, Inc.
With Centrally Managed Access Control (CMAC), our partner dealers offer their customers the advantages of a world-class access control product while avoiding many of the expenditures normally associated with access control. CMAC and hosted services dramatically reduce the entry-level cost for access control because it removes the need for on-site IT infrastructure, software, database administration and maintenance for a typical installation and moves these elements to the dealer’s central location.

This service saves customers thousands of dollars, provides unsurpassed convenience, opens new recurring monthly revenue (RMR) streams and builds intrinsic value to our dealers’ businesses. Keyscan Centrally Managed Services makes it easy for customers by taking the worry out of managing and maintaining an access control system. All data transmissions from control units to host servers are encrypted and tightly secured. Customer data is regularly backed up and ready for restore, should any unforeseen events occur. Keyscan partner dealers enjoy the best of both worlds; new RMR service for access control allows their customers to focus on their business knowing that they take care of the rest. 


qgixtixReverse Logistics by QGistix
QGistix is the leading Reverse Logistics Company for security electronics. QGistix helps its clients recover millions of dollars in lost profits from equipment returning from the field. Clients include a number of SDM Top 10 integrators. The company has recently opened a second facility in Atlanta, Ga. in response to dynamic growth in their business. The residential security market has a large installed base requiring periodic service calls to repair existing customer premise equipment.

Service events usually include replacement of components that are identified as non-functioning by service technicians. Parts returning from the field typically include in-warranty and out-of-warranty items. Many security companies poorly manage field returns by scrapping a high percentage of these parts instead of efficiently processing in-warranty RMAs back to the supplier and having out-of-warranty parts tested, repaired and refurbished. Utilizing new parts as service replacements is typically considered the ‘normal’ cost of doing business. QGistix' Reverse Logistics services can help achieve an approximate 50 to 60 percent decrease in spending for service replacement parts. In addition to financial benefits, reliability of refurbished parts compares very favorably with new parts. QGistix’ failure rate is less than 0.025 percent.


copsMPower Me by COPS Monitoring
Satisfy your customers’ APPetite with your own smartphone access private labeled with your company’s brand. MPower Me gives your customers the information that is missing from all current home control and lifestyle apps such as: Was a correct passcode given? Were the authorities dispatched? What actions were taken during the alarm? Is everyone OK? Your customers will be able to place their accounts on/off test (if you choose to allow them to), view their detailed alarm history, call the central station and request service 24 hours a day from anywhere.

As an added convenience, your customers with multiple systems can view, manage and test all of their accounts using a single login. MPower your customers by giving them the information, control and peace of mind that could increase customer satisfaction, reduce attrition and increase referral sales. Compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers. Visit http://copsmonitoring.com/appetite for examples and information.


boldBusiness Continuity Solution by Bold Technologies
Business Continuity is a method of conducting day-to-day business activities in times of disaster. It is not something that is implemented at the time of a disaster; rather, it is a strategic decision to ensure a company’s future - regardless of circumstance. Alarm monitoring is a critical industry and monitoring centers must have a plan to prevent interruptions to their business. Without a business continuity plan, there are many situations that can cause monitoring centers to be temporarily, or even permanently, impacted. Bold Technologies offers a Business Continuity Solution, which helps monitoring centers prepare for the unexpected and continue operations even when disaster strikes.

The Bold Business Continuity Solution combines state-of-the art equipment with Bold’s industry experience and extensive technical knowledge. The Business Continuity Solution takes the maintenance out of disaster preparedness, and the cost for the service is far less then implementing a proprietary solution. The Business Continuity Solution offers flexibility so companies can quickly and easily move their operations to any location, and the solution eliminates the extra expenses to maintain another location, hardware system and IT staff. In addition, the Bold Business Continuity Solution supports IP and video signals.


techproTech Pro by Micro Key Solutions
Micro Key Solutions' Tech Pro app allows alarm technicians and installers to receive and manage their service tickets from their smartphone. This application will reduce drive time and labor hours, while greatly increasing the overall efficiency of your service department.

Tech Pro Features:

  • Place accounts on/off test- Free up your central station operators.
  • Live inventory tracking- Manage truck and main warehouse inventory from the field. 
  • Signature capture- Allow customers to sign off on completed service tickets. 
  • Zone testing- View and edit zone lists and zone descriptions.
  • Service history- View complete service history and alarm history of accounts.


iviewnowVSaaS Redefined by I-View Now Cloud
The I-View Cloud service provides new possibilities to protect your clients. The I-View Now Axis video hosting service offering is a central station monitored service, streaming cloud storage connected to a central station. From a single installation, you can now offer video as a service, guard tours, device monitoring and video verification. I-View Now supervises device status (online, offline and tamper) as well as stores the recorded video.

The I-View Now hosted video solution limits your investment to cameras or encoders and an internet connection, instead of having to maintain the recording and monitoring devices locally. We manage system maintenance as well as storage of recorded video. Our solution is ideal for low camera count sites in single or multiple locations such as small businesses, convenience stores, gas stations and retail stores. Never worry about your DVR failing again; with us, everything and anything is backed up 100 percent, so you can feel safe that it was all caught on video.


guardianCard Access Managed Services by Guardian Protection Services
These are especially popular with owners of apartment buildings that do not have an on-site management office as well as organizations that don’t have full-time dedicated staff to manage site security needs.  In providing these services, Guardian issues new cards, replaces lost cards, makes deletions as needed and provides a variety of reporting as requested. Guardian ensures that all data is backed-up daily protecting against any controller failure that may occur at the client’s site. Guardian offers two tiers of service in providing its card access management services.

The difference between the two tiers is related to reporting.  Because the management of card access usually requires well-trained, reliable, computer-proficient staff that must react to needs at a moment’s notice and even develop pre-planning for their firm’s holiday schedules, many companies prefer to outsource this responsibility and find that the cost of doing so is reasonable. Guardian experiences what it considers a relatively high attachment rate for this service. Often, these same companies will also opt for aligned services from Guardian such as the creation of color-coded badges which reduce the chance of employees entering limited access areas within the building.


e24Ursecure by EMERgency24
Subscribers expect what they see being sold on TV: full system control through a smart phone or a desktop computer. This includes arming/disarming, remote video access, text/email alerts when certain alarm conditions occur, such as open/close, which is commonly used to alert system owners when their children enter the home. That alert could prompt Mom or Dad to access the system’s video cameras to ensure their child is safely inside. Subscribers can even choose to have certain zones within the system send immediate notifications of an alarm event. This could be set to notify if the liquor cabinet accessed or an office breached.

The same principles of notification are used for commercial systems too. If subscribers want to witness the unloading of materials at the dock, they can log-in to their system and remotely watch this event. With today’s technology, virtually any system-connected device can give a status report or notify subscribers via EMERgency24’s Ursecure.com website, including mechanical systems, thermometers, humidity gauges or gas sensors, to name a few.


axisAxis Video Hosting Service Platform by Axis Communications
The Axis Video Hosting Service Platform is a full-featured IP video solution delivered by Central Stations and Service Providers.  From a video management GUI to mobile client, this fully scalable system puts IP video into virtually any surveillance application and affords end users with an opportunity to minimize capital physical security expenditure. 

Two ubiquitous features deliver full functions into the end user’s smartphone or tablet; and protect forensic video evidence with high capacity SD card storage built right into the camera. 


All product information in this article was contributed by the manufacters.




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