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June 23-26, 2014


Doyle Security Systems: Working as a Team

Jillian Bateman
I  April 03, 2013

The key to any successful security company is, above all, its employees. There is no substitute for a knowledgeable and productive team. 

The word “team,” however, is often thrown around lightly in the business sphere and truly empowered teams are few and far between.

Creating empowered teams — people working together with the information, power, recognition, connections and training they need to satisfy their customers and meet the company's business goals — will separate the good security companies from the great and the profitable from the thriving in this new industry landscape of increased competition.

Truly empowered teams help their organizations improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity and lower costs.

This concept is one the highly awarded Doyle Security Systems, Inc. knows well — holding the development and empowerment of their team at the core of the company’s values.

In June, SDM magazine spotlighted the family-owned company, referencing it as “one of those rarities of the security industry.”

Nearly 23,000 subscribers strong, the 93-year-old, NY-based security company has stood the test of time, ranking 44 on the most recent SDM 100 list and charting strong RMR growth.

“We firmly believe in the concept of teamwork and have always promoted this to our staff,” says Donna Speranza, Director of Operations, Emergency Response Center (ERC). “Each year, we have a strategic planning meeting to discuss the direction we want to see the company take.

“In addition to all corporate management and our owner, we target all levels of personnel in the company to participate. General Managers, department managers, shift supervisors in our ERC, administration and technicians in the field – there is representation at this meeting from all areas,” she says. “It’s important to have your employees 100% on board and invested in working towards the common goal.”

From monthly breakfasts to annual company meetings, Doyle keeps staff members involved and lines of communication open, sharing current company news, changes, challenges and opportunities.

“Together we participate in numerous charities throughout the year help to bring us together as a team,” says Speranza. “From our ‘dress down for charity’ to our ‘bingo’ fundraisers, Doyle encourages employees to be supportive of our community and to have a great time while doing so.”

Doyle has sent teams to ESX for education, networking and even a little stage time, as they graciously accepted the 2010 CSAA Central Station of the Year Award.

“This award truly belonged to every single person in the company and it’s important to recognize that,” says Speranza.

But it’s not the spotlight that keeps Doyle teams returning to the show.

“ESX provides a wealth of knowledge and access to new technology in one great location. From the exhibits on the tradeshow floor to the to the courses offered by those in the industry, it’s a great investment for any company to make. The opportunity to network with others in the industry and to benchmark is priceless.

“Every year, the team members we send come back fired up with new ideas they would like to explore and implement. In 2012, our employees saw a demo on the tradeshow floor for SageQuest ™ and brought back the information for discussion. As a result, Doyle had some team meetings and discussions about the positives this program could provide us with. At this time, we are currently in the process of installing and implementing the software at our company.”

You can expect to see Doyle Security Systems Employees throughout ESX, experiencing the show and presenting in a few seminars, including “Handling Customer Incidents as They Happen” and “Central Station-Driven False Alarm Dispatch Reduction Pearls of Wisdom.”

“We will be presenting our employee empowerment program  — Promise and Deliver — and how it has strengthened our company as whole and on our SAVE program which works diligently on curbing client attrition,” she says. “In our False Alarm forum, our goal is to find common industry problems and brainstorm effective solutions to solve them.”

And as our interview with Speranza drew to an end, we just had to ask:

Q: In the movie Billie Madison, the O'Doyles are a particularly obnoxious and bullying family. We've seen no evidence of such conduct from Doyle Security in the 90 plus years of its operation, but can you assure us there will be no chants of "Doyle Rules" from the seminar podiums or out on the ESX show floor?

A: Actually we can’t! We went ahead and retained the services of 50 professionally trained cheerleaders. It should be a raucous few days of knowledge transfer!

As Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success.”

If you’d like to get a team together for the show, go to www.esxweb.com/teamkit for a handy guide on how to start and get the most out of your experience. Then contact Katie Westerduin (kwesterduin@ae-ventures.com or 508-618-7856) to register at a 10% group discount.




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