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June 23-26, 2014


Speaker Q&A: Jumbi Edulbehram, Vice President of Business Development, Next Level Security Systems

ESX Team
I  April 03, 2013

Jumbi Edulbehram has a long history in the security industry. 

He's been Director of Business Development at Axis Communications, where he was responsible for the technology partnership program, consultant (A&E) program, industry liaison program, and for developing new business in industry segments such as retail, government and transportation, as well as Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Business Development at IntelliVid, a provider of unique intelligent video analysis software for the retail market, which was acquired by Tyco/ADT in 2008.

Now Vice President of Business Development at Next Level Security Systems, a physical security company, he helps develop a new breed of unified networked security products. At ESX, he'll be presenting in a seminar called "Cloud-Based Video Surveillance." We recently caught up with him to find out more about his work.

What's your background in the security industry? How did you first get involved?

My background in the industry has always been on the manufacturing side. I started with a company making smart wireless cameras, and since then, have worked for companies making IP cameras, video analytics and integrated security systems.

At ESX, you're participating in a session on Cloud-Based Video Surveillance. What's the elevator pitch for cloud-based video?

Cloud-based video surveillance has a lot of advantages such as remote monitoring, multi-site monitoring from one console, remote management, cloud-based storage, mobility and integration with other cloud-based services such as mapping, weather, news, and more.

IT and networking skills are becoming more and more important for security companies to have. Is there a better option for businesses: learning it in-house or contracting it out to someone who has the knowledge?

Definitely learning it in-house. The future is networked systems, so doing it in-house is a much better bet for growing the business in the future.

You've got a background in using video analysis software in the retail market, something that more and more security companies seem to be interested in. What's the opportunity there?

The two big opportunities in retail are loss prevention and business intelligence. On the loss prevention side, video can help bring down internal (employees) and external (shoplifting) theft.  On the business intelligence side, the same cameras that are used for video surveillance can also be used for collecting information on customer behavior (traffic counts, conversion rates, dwell times, etc.). Security companies can enhance their RMR by providing such value-added information.

What do you see as the next evolution in the security market? 

The four big trends in the security market are:

  • The move towards networked/IP systems
  • Integration of different sub-systems - video, access, intrusion, audio, and more
  • Video and audio analytics for proactive surveillace
  • Remote access and management - access to systems from anywhere, at anytime

Thanks for your time, Jumbi.




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