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June 23-26, 2014


Breathe New Life into Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

ESX Team
I  April 17, 2013

As the industry transforms from offering strictly life safety to security plus lifestyle applications, it’s becoming more and more important to develop effective sales and marketing approaches.

Telco and cable companies have done a great job of creating awareness through mass marketing — now how do you differentiate yourself, brand yourself appropriately and continue to promote these value-add options to existing and prospective customers?

The ESX Sales and Marketing Education Track, endorsed by ESA's Sales and Marketing Professionals (SMP), is packed with seminars to help you do just this.

The track features eight sessions, covering topics like selling your company’s unique value to using smarter methods to reach customers.

We asked Gerrit Brusse, chair of the SMP group, and Lisa Matthews, vice chair, to share the sessions they’re most looking forward to. Let’s take a look at the sessions they chose and the rest of the learning opportunities available in this track.

Content Marketing: The New Opportunity (Tuesday, June 18 at 1:45 pm)

Interesting, non-promotional content is key to getting your emails opened, newsletters read and your web site visited. Providing consistent, relevant content to existing and potential customers helps to drive customer and prospect awareness of your brand promise and generate the primed inquiries that lead to sales. This session shares a number of content marketing success stories, including looks at companies using online video and social media to drive sales inquiries.
Presenters: Jeff Martin, AVS Systems; Jorgia McAfee, Crime Prevention Security Systems; Bobby McAfee, Crime Prevention Security Systems

Gerrit’s take: I’m looking forward to this session, because marketing and advertising strategy can be complex, and we are constantly searching for low-cost, high-impact methods that help differentiate our company from the pack. I'm excited to learn how and where to start with content marketing, how to position our company as experts, and how to get in front of potential buyers when they aren't necessarily expecting it.

Setting Up Social Media Programs That Deliver Real Results (Thursday, June 20 at 2:15 pm)
How do you combine the expertise and wisdom of your sales, tech and executive staff with cost effective social media marketing resources to produce consistent efforts that yield real results? In this session, you'll hear from industry peers who are making it happen on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. We'll also cover how a good basic content marketing strategy, like customer newsletters, can ease the pain of social media by providing ready fuel for social media engines. Don't miss this highly pragmatic session.
Presenter: Erica Wood, American Fire & Security

Lisa’s take: I’m looking forward to Erica Wood’s session. I gained a lot from her session at the ESA Leadership Summit, particularly on her adept use of Twitter. In this session, I am anxious to learn how she translates the “expertise and wisdom of their sales, tech and executive staff” into valuable content that produces “real results”. Erica (aka “The Security Girl”) has established herself as a social media marketing leader and I’m anxious to learn about and implement her proven methods.

The Importance of Target Marketing (Tuesday, June 18 at 3:15 pm)
Market selection is one of the most important aspects of integrator business strategy, and developing targeted marketing strategies to convert your selected segments to customers is one of the chief objectives of marketing. In this session, we cover methods for targeting marketing to attractive customers groups by geography, income and wealth, type of business or residence, lifestyle and company size. You'll learn how to build and maintain lists for targeted out-bound marketing, message verticalization strategies and how to work online search and websites for better targeted in-bound marketing.
Presenters: Ken Kovasala, Netsertive; Jeff Martin, AVS Systems

The Refresh Opportunity: Upselling New Products and Services to Your Current Customers (Tuesday, June 18 at 4:45 pm)
Your customers have purchased from you once, the second time must be easier? Not always. We'll discover how to make your customers WANT to get upgraded and updated and how to keep competitors at bay during the process. Using a proven method, you can expect to see $400 upsell to your existing customer and a contract renewal as well. This course will review the best practices for selling interactive and other upgradeable services to your customers. Increase your RMR - listen to these tips!
Speakers: Kirk MacDowell, Interlogix; Jay Stuck, SecureWatch24

Secrets to Selling Your Company's Unique Value (Wednesday, June 19 at 9:30 am)
How do you sell your company to a prospect? Do your salespeople know how? Do you and your salespeople know how to create the desire to buy from you versus all the other competitive options available to the consumer? How do you sell a single understandable, desirable end result benefit instead of a confusing list of features? In this session, you'll learn the secrets of successful security integration company and find out ways to adopt this powerful, sensible approach to your own operations.
Speakers: Larry Folsom, American Video and Security; Mark NeSmith, DMP; Lou Sepulveda, ASG Security

Referral Toolbox (Wednesday, June 19 at 10:45 am)
The most valuable sales leads continue to be referral leads, but how do you get them? In this session, we'll cover a multitude on incentives and methods for getting referral leads - at the close of sale, at the moment of a lost sale or "no," upon completion of an installation, via social media, business to home, home to business. There are a wide variety of times, ways and types of referral leads you can get. This session will add a significant number tools to your referral toolbox.
Speaker: Jay Stuck, SecureWatch24

Winning Sales Compensation and Management Strategies (Thursday, June 20 at 2:15 pm)
The art and science of managing and incentivizing sales staff is constantly evolving and improving. In this session, we collect a host of industry best practices in this area - including how to recruit and compensate new junior sales people, how to manage and compensate experience sales superstars, how to incentivize and monitor underperforming sales people, appropriate use of sales contests, structuring commissions to drive RMR growth, tying commissions to installed profitability and more.
Speaker: Lou Sepulveda, ASG Security

How to Promote Your Company Through Public Relations (Thursday, June 20 at 5:00 pm)
Very few full service companies are sending out press releases or even know how to do it. They also do not know how to take advantage of public relations opportunities in the industry or in their local community. This discussion will revolve around what editors are looking for, how to communicate with them and how to prepare for interviews.
Speaker: Jerry Lenander, CA Alarm Association




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