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Education Session

Success Stories of Referral Programs that Work
Friday, June 16, 2017 11:00AM - 12:00PM
Referrals can be extremely powerful. Prospective new customers are exponentially more apt to buy, when they are referred by a friend. What’s more, new referral clients tend to have higher retention rates. Referral programs are less expensive and resource-intensive — and more organic — than other traditional marketing tactics. When actively managed and measured, referral programs can work for you. Are you struggling to implement or enhance your referral program for better results? In this session, we’ll hear from other integrators and dealers, who will share what’s working in their own referral programs. We’ll uncover:
• How to develop a customer network that sells for you
• The best ways when to ask, how to ask and how to reward your current customers
• The right ways to implement and measure your referral program’s effectiveness to adjust as needed
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Mike Dove photo
Mike Dove
Regional Sales Trainer
ADS Security
Mike Dove is a Regional Sales Trainer for ADS Security whose headquarters is located in Nashville, Tennessee. As a Sales Trainer his primary responsibility is providing sales, product, and technical support to his sales teams which are currently in Nashville, Clarksville, Jackson, Tennessee and Paducah, Kentucky.

He began in the security industry in 1996 and has held various sales and management positions during his 21 years. He has been able to not only excel in his previous sales roles, but he has been able to lead sales teams to their individual sales goals as well.

Mike is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Marketing. He currently lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee with his wife and his two sons who are both attending colleges in Middle Tennessee.
Bob Ryan photo
Bob Ryan
Senior Vice President, Field Sales
Protection 1 Security Solutions
Bob Ryan is a visionary performance-driven Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Sales Leader with a proven track record of high growth in sales and award winning marketing in entrepreneurial, private equity and corporate business environments. Most recently, Bob served as the Senior Vice President of Field Sales for Protection One and Chief Marketing Officer for ASG Security. He has a diverse 28-year background of success in the electronic security services industry.

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