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Social that Sells: Strategies to Boost Sales and Improve Brand Loyalty
Thursday, June 15, 2017 08:00AM - 09:15AM
For many consumers, social media is the first customer-service resource they check before making a purchasing decision. What are your social channels saying about your company? Social media makes it easier than ever for consumers to have influence over your brand. Are you actively listening, demonstrating solid customer service, building trust and proving expertise? What you are saying — or worse — not saying will affect buying decisions. How can you become more sophisticated in your social media strategy, giving it the power to increase sales? This social media 2.0 session will cover:
• How to optimize your social strategy to increase sales
• The best ways to monitor the customer experience: leveraging the good ones and tactfully resolving the bad ones
• How to use social media as a customer engagement tool and not simply a platform
• Smart ways to measure and adjust social media for a successful outcome
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Carmen Smith photo
Carmen Smith
Director, Partner Marketing Services
Carmen has been with for almost 3 years and she has extensive experience in helping dealers market their business and increase sales. She has worked with dealers in the automotive industry while at GM, in the solar industry with BP’s solar business, and now in the security and automation business with Carmen lives in Washington, DC, and has a bachelor’s degree in engineering and an MBA from the University of Michigan.
Joseph Mitton photo
Joseph Mitton
Director of Marketing & Communications
Select Security
During his tenure at Select Security, Mr. Mitton has held a variety of titles in the marketing department, currently serving as the Director of Marketing & Communications and a member of the company’s Senior Leadership Team.

To support the company’s goals, Mr. Mitton has created and launched several highly successful initiatives, including its employee recognition and awards program, sales incentive plans, and the highly rated new employee onboarding program. To assist In Select Security’s rapid growth, he has equipped the sales team with interactive presentations that highlight the company’s differentiators, implemented influencer and partner programs, and led efforts to track customer market share and penetration.
As the co-chair of Select Security’s Strategic Vendor committee, Mr. Mitton leads the efforts to build strong vendor relationships that provide additional training and support, while consolidating vendors and reducing product costs.

Additionally, Mr. Mitton has responsibility for managing the corporate social media and online properties, including which was recently honored by SS&I magazine for its website design.

Mr. Mitton also serves on several industry association committees and projects, including the ESA’s Workforce Development project, and the Advisory Council for the EMP group, in addition to working with the association’s PR firm.

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