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Education Session

How Do I Run My Service Department
Thursday, June 15, 2017 09:30AM - 10:45AM
Delivering top-notch customer service profitably should not be an oxymoron. It’s an opportunity to make good on your brand promise with your friendliest, most well-trained and helpful people. The key is to understand your role as manager and how you balance the expectations of serving your customer base and financial goals of the organization. In this session, you’ll learn:
• How to routinely assess your service effectiveness
• Hard and soft skills vital to service training
• Customer service tips that lead to referrals, retention and results
• How to route service techs effectively to produce happier employees and customers
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Robert Grove photo
Robert Grove
Director of Field Operations and Training
Select Security
Robert Grove, Director of Field Operations and Training with Select Security is a recognized leader in the security industry. Possessing extensive knowledge and experience with intrusion, fire alarms, and remote monitoring, he has also been charged with supervising Select University, Select Security’s company training initiative for customers and internal personnel. Robert has proved his expertise in a multitude of specialties including VMS solutions, VSaaS, and Managed Access, placing him in an invaluable position to the company.

Robert joined Select Security in 2000 and since has been fearless in his mission to maintain a solutions-based attitude, encouraging his team to take ownership of their work as a means of implementing the change they desire. Numerous OEM certifications and personal experience performing the job functions of those he supervises has qualified Robert to consult with trade schools on how to better prepare their graduates for the real world application of their educations.

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