Chairman’s Note

Why Innovation Matters

The electronic security industry is not immune to disruptive technologies and go-to-market strategies. The evidence is clear — organizations with a culture of innovation are on the path to growth. Those who fail to innovate are on the path to obsolescence. Putting innovation first in business allows an organization to discover a better way of doing things.

As Peter Drucker says, “the purpose of a business enterprise is to create a customer.” By fostering a culture of innovation, an organization can drive greater customer growth and loyalty and employee engagement, rather than endless cost cutting.

Innovation isn’t just about new products or services. Innovation improves business models, processes and functions that help drive new ideas for the organization while keeping you relevant in the eyes of your customers.

At ESX we deliver an industry-focused ecosystem that provides you and your team the ability to uncover innovative ideas and products that help your organization remain competitive in today’s marketplace. I encourage you to experience the ESX community – it does a business good!

"ESX is the best way in the industry to network with peers to grow your business."
— Jamie Vos | Security Solutions NW | WA
"ESX is the best show in the security industry to learn new ways to grow my business and to network with people who are very knowledgeable and passionate about what we do."
— Jacob Engel | Strauss Security Solutions | IA
"I was challenged to think outside the box. Seminars were inspiring and made me think about the future of our business in a proactive way."
— John Yohe | Security Unlimited Professionals | OH
"We had breakfast with a new intercom provider — and we quoted it the first day back to the office."
— Chris Gilbert | Security Pros, LLC | KY
"I enjoyed the interactions I was able to have with other owners at ESX. It seems like everyone has the same problems!"
— Agnes Albright | Security Alarm Corporation | FL
"The speakers and education programming as a whole were top notch. If you didn’t attend — you missed out."
— LJ Lynes | Stanley Security | MS
"As a business owner and the sales manager, time away from my day-to-day operations is expensive — but the insight, education, connections, and business intelligence gleaned from my time at ESX was priceless."
— Sofia Aguilar | A-1 Security | CO
"You can get what you want out of this show. There’s been a lot of great ideas gained from ESX."
— Dee Ann Harn, RFI Enterprises, CEO | CA


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