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Education Session

The Future Buying Habits of the NextGen Security User
Thursday, June 15, 2017 04:15PM - 05:30PM
Companies will be fiercely competing for a share of the Millennial’s wallet. Millennials are brand loyal. They are wired for content-driven, honest experiences and they have some purchasing preferences you’re going to like. An analysis recently released by car-buying platform, Edmunds, revealed Millennials prefer to acquire, not buy. In the automotive industry, this demographic prefers to lease more luxurious tech-forward cars than they could otherwise afford to buy. What does this mean for us? Think RMR. How can you best prepare yourself for your new target audience?
• How Millennials shop and gather information about brands, products and services
• How to turn Millennials into loyal customers by actively engaging them
• What are the security and lifestyle product and services that resonate with them
• What the new RMR model looks like and how it will benefit your company

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