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Education Session

Eliminating Go Backs in Three Easy Steps
Thursday, June 15, 2017 04:15PM - 05:30PM
Although higher labor costs are a significant factor in go-backs, other “opportunity costs” play an enormous part in reducing overall revenues, customer service satisfaction and profitability. With escalating truck-roll and customer service costs, it’s imperative for security companies to understand the true cost of field and customer service calls. In this session, we’ll cover:
• How to define a go back, including financial implications
• What the top causes of go backs are
• How to track go backs and implement a strategy to reduce them
• The role of technical training in reducing go backs
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Robert Grove photo
Robert Grove
Director of Field Operations and Training
Select Security
Robert Grove, Director of Field Operations and Training with Select Security is a recognized leader in the security industry. Possessing extensive knowledge and experience with intrusion, fire alarms, and remote monitoring, he has also been charged with supervising Select University, Select Security’s company training initiative for customers and internal personnel. Robert has proved his expertise in a multitude of specialties including VMS solutions, VSaaS, and Managed Access, placing him in an invaluable position to the company.

Robert joined Select Security in 2000 and since has been fearless in his mission to maintain a solutions-based attitude, encouraging his team to take ownership of their work as a means of implementing the change they desire. Numerous OEM certifications and personal experience performing the job functions of those he supervises has qualified Robert to consult with trade schools on how to better prepare their graduates for the real world application of their educations.
Deborah White photo
Deborah White
Installation Manager
Wayne Alarm Systems, Inc.
Deb White was born in Middleton, MA and started her education in the security industry during high school at Wells Fargo in Chelsea, MA in 1981. Deb spent the next 36 years in the security industry. Deb started her career handwriting passcards for the Wells Fargo Central Station. Deb moved up quickly in the security industry by first becoming an installation scheduler for Pony Express a division of Wells Fargo and from there becoming an assistant installation manager at Sentry Protective Systems in Malden, MA. She then became the Installation Manager for Sentry. When Sentry was sold Deb chose to help build a very successful ADT Dealership Alarms & Protective Devices where they installed 800 systems per month as Installation Manager. After 5 years she moved to a startup company Ultraguard with whom she worked with a lot of the friends from the past. Deb was Installation Manager for a few years and decided it was time for a change. She became a very successful Sales Representative with clients such as the Federal Government and the Massachusetts State House. After 6 years in sales she knew where her passion was and went back to Management. She became the COO of a company for a couple of years and traveled. Deb became Installation Manager for Wayne Alarm Systems in 2013 where she plans to retire. As installation manager of Wayne Alarm Deb has brought in new employees, increased profit and developed many technician programs where there are 31 people in the Technical Department. Deb looks forward towards many years with Wayne Alarm.

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