ESX Nashville

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June 23-26, 2014


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ESX is different from all other security shows, because it’s owned by the industry. The revenue generated by the show will remain within the industry to be used for programming, education, legislative activities and public relations to benefit your company. LEARN MORE



Why ESX?

“It’s an excellent networking and learning event. If you are in the industry and serious about your company, you have to be here.

Steve Paley
President and CEO
Rapid Security Solutions

"Without fail, each year we’ve generated new business and moved ‘working accounts’ forward toward new partnerships. The quality of interactions at ESX makes this the one show to be at each year."

Chuck Speck
Vice President
Bold Technologies

NexTech at ESX


NexTech – Next Success

Security integrators have never been so interested in non-security categories. The reasons are clear:

  • light commercial/SMB and residential customers want a single solution provider,
  • the technologies in non-security categories are increasingly easy to master and
  • there’s possibility of recurring revenue in almost every  kind of installed electronic system!

To help you understand the opportunities and options, ESX presents NexTech a series of technology pavilions on the show floor that will help you learn whether to get into a new category and how to take next steps. 


NexTech pavilions planned for ESX 2014 include:

IT Solutions – Network gear, remote monitoring and management of networks aind IT devices, storage/back-up, firewalls and network intrusion detection, remote power cycling, and more. All IT increasingly yields RMR through managed services architectures.

AV and Control – Residential and commercial A/V and control systems increasingly rely on the cloud and control by devices like tablets and smartphones, teeing them up to become part of the recurring revenue realm.

Business Intelligence – How do you take a camera system from being a necessary evil/loss prevention measure to a tool that yields critical business insights on customer patterns, customer service, employee performance and more? Business Intelligence applications do it and help your company connect to new lucrative budget buckets from retailers and other public accommodation businesses.

Home & Building Automation —  In the residential space most integrators agree the basic alarm system is headed the way of dinosaurs. You’ve got to add home automation to the mix—thermostat control, lighting control, appliance control, energy monitoring and more. Similar opportunities and market shifts are coming for light commercial/SMB customers, too. Get into control and get what it takes to compete and increase revenues, profits and RMR.

Digital Signage – A hot category for retail, commercial and institutional markets. DS integrates with Business Intelligence and surveillance plays and yields recurring revenue through content management system licenses and actual content provisioning.


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Account Executive
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