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Education Session

Advanced Database Management for the Monitoring Center – Unlocking the Power of this Major Asset
Thursday, June 15, 2017 08:00AM - 09:15AM
Data is a company asset to manage and protect. More than ever before, companies are utilizing big data to maximize effectiveness and profitability. Move past the basics and discover best practices for managing data in a fast-paced, evolving and secure environment. How will you use data to take your company to the next level? In this session, you will learn:
• Best practices for data architecture, integrity and security
• How to leverage big data to make intelligent business decisions
Dave Bhattacharjee photo
Dave Bhattacharjee
Vice President of IOT
Stanley Security
Dave Bhattacharjee is the Vice President of Data Analytics for Stanley Black and Decker. In this role, Dave is responsible for monetizing Stanley Black and Decker’s data assets. His current projects include analytics applications for physical security, retail, healthcare, smart factory and marketing.

Prior to Stanley Black and Decker, Dave was at Cisco Systems where as Managing Director, Dave managed and led Cisco’s consulting services for analytics and big data in the Americas. He has also held leadership positions at IBM and PriceWaterhouseCoopers where Dave worked with the Fortune 500 on large scale initiatives designed to create business value through data and technology. Dave has an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Arizona State University.
Jens Kolind photo
Jens Kolind
President & CEO
Innovative Business Software
Mary Jo Lakhal photo
Mary Jo Lakhal
Senior Program Manager
West Safety Services
Mary Jo Lakhal has served the alarm industry for nearly 20 years. Her tenure began with ADT where she assumed responsibility across the monitoring center in several roles. She led the Jurisdictions team with two directives – database management and compliance education. The team managed the agency database of police, fire, medical and guard contact data to be used by the monitoring center at alarm notification. In addition, they educated the organization on ordinances, policies and other regulations previous to enactment.

Now a Senior Program Manager at West Safety Services, Mary Jo supports security industry offerings. In this industry relations role, she advocates for products and development that increase accuracy and efficiency for monitoring center customers.

Mary Jo is passionate about the industry and is driven to maximize operational efficiencies, building strong teams and systems while leveraging all that technology has to offer. She is active on The Monitoring Association (formerly CSAA) and Electronic Security Association committees. She recently joined the board of the Colorado Burglar and Fire Alarm Association. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business management.
Sandra Maples photo
Sandra Maples
Verisk Insurance Solutions
Sandra Maples is responsible for leading connected homes at Verisk Insurance Solutions focused on the Claims process. Verisk is a market leader of advanced data and analytics in the insurance, government, financial and energy markets. Sandra is responsible for the product management lifecycle including strategic planning, marketing, partner relationships and product development.

Sandra’s successful career includes product management, user experience, and program management in insurance, healthcare, government and energy. As a leader over a cyber-security product and years of collaborating with technology teams, Sandra incorporated a positive user experience while incorporating best practices to protect the data. Her experience includes leading the connected home team as part of an Insurance Innovation team.
Mark E. McCall photo
Mark E. McCall
General Manager
Security Central
Mark has been involved in the security industry for 17 years and has 25 years as an IT Professional. During his time within the industry Mark has mostly served as IT Manager or Director for large national contract monitoring stations. He has extensive knowledge of automation platforms, signaling hardware, and IT and Telecom infrastructure. Mark currently serves as general manager for Security Central in North Carolina.

Security Central uses “big data” for company efficiency and profitability reporting and analysis. This includes data from automation, PBX and their accounting platforms. They’ve developed custom applications for real-time Add/Delete reporting, real-time active alarm tracking on national map, storm tracking for pending alarms based on selected zip codes for queue and operator management during storms. They’ve created profitability reports based on ‘time on task’ and tying in financial data for the company that is broken down by event type and by dealer, broken down by event type and by subscriber. Revenue reports by state, by dealer. Detailed and Graphical alarm stats for the central station, by operator, by event and Detailed and graphical historical data for alarm traffic with ability to compare different timeframes.

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